Blunt&B Artist JKing Releases New Single “Time’s Up”


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Miami bread, Atlanta made artist JKing starts his sh*t talkin’ new single with “Just not that important” – and then you’re automatically tapped in! “Time’s Up” is King’s first single off his forthcoming Extended Play “Solutions,” set to release March 2021.

Penned by JKing and co-writer Tre Wit The Accent,  “Time’s Up” is a testament to several failed relationships that met their demise due to the rigorous schedule it takes to be successful in the music industry. King is blunt and gets straight to the point, just like an Aries is known to be. 
“Not only do artists’ relationships fail, but those who are behind the camera as well,” King said. “As a brand marketer by trade and artist by gift, I’ve always been at the crossroad of having to choose the current love in my life or the career I’ve worked so hard to sustain.”
But as the vibe continues, there’s another message: “You been feelin’ yourself, but your time’s up.” King makes it clear that he’s been more than willing to adhere to the issues his lack of time has caused but the minimum expectations still aren’t met and leaves King with no peace of mind.

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